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July 2017


Active management

Who needs a fund manager when you can simply invest in an index? Does so-called active management really add value? The debate over the pros and cons of active and passive management is one of the most hotly contested topics in the investment industry. But which is better? A comparative study highlights the differences.

July 2017

Alternative investments

Allianz Global Investors launches Allianz Event Driven Strategy

Allianz Global Investors has launched Allianz Event Driven Strategy, a new liquid fund with an alternative investment strategy. The fund builds on the earlier success of the Allianz Merger Arbitrage Strategy, which currently has around 900 million euros under management. The new fund has a more aggressive return target, offers a broader arbitrage opportunity, and is less dependent on the global M&A cycle. The fund manager of Allianz Event Driven Strategy is Tim Wooge, who also manages Allianz Merger Arbitrage Strategy.

July 2017


Capital income for the second machine age

Sweeping technological changes are expected: digitalisation, intelligent machines and information platforms are driving this development. Brynjolfsson and McAfee predict that, even if this does not spell the end of human labour, nevertheless it will lead to radical changes in the world of work.

The “second machine age” which they see coming will not – unlike the first – increase the productivity of the labour factor by combining labour and capital (that is to say, machines). Instead, it will replace labour with capital, if their forecast is correct. Why not let machines work for people?

July 2017

Artificial intelligence

Launching Europe’s first artificial intelligence fund

In April this year, AllianzGI launched Allianz Global Artificial Intelligence, Europe’s first equity fund focusing on artificial intelligence (AI). The fund invests worldwide in companies benefiting from the spread and growing use of AI. Experts estimate that the global market for AI will grow to 35–40 billion US dollars by 2025. In a podcast, portfolio manager Sebastian Thomas explains which industries are already using artificial intelligence, and how attractive investment opportunities can emerge from disruptive changes in the social and economic environment.

July 2017