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Dr Klaus Teloeken

Dr Klaus Teloeken, Best Styles, Strategy, Update Magazine, Allianz Global Investors

is the Co-CIO of the Systematic Equity team. He joined Allianz Global Investors in 1996 as a quantitative analyst, and in 2001 he assumed the role of Head of Systematic Equity. He oversees more than EUR 17 billion of assets under management, and is responsible for the development and management of systematic investment strategies for equities. In this role Klaus has developed the team’s Best Styles and High Dividend product line. He is also responsible for the management of the Best Styles Global and High Dividend Global product. Klaus studied mathematics and computer science in Dortmund, Germany. In the investment segment Best Styles, Dr Teloeken is supported by his colleague and Co-CIO Dr Benedikt Henne.

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